Source code for the PDX Trees project

All original code is made available under the MIT License. See the readme.txt docs and the individual source files for details, and specifics about third-party libraries, frameworks and images.

iOS Source

For iOS 4.x running on iPhones and iPod Touch devices: GitHub

Django Source

The code for the RESTful API that manages tree image sharing: Download (zip, 53KB)

NOTE: The Django version of the backend has so many problems that I can't even recommend reading it, let alone using it. I'm in the process of moving everything to CouchDB. When that is complete, the source will be on GitHub and the Django backend phased out as soon as most people have upgraded their apps.

PDX Trees iPhone APIv1 URLs


Tree Image Upload:

/treeimages/ (for now, related_tree_id is read from fields in the request, not the url)

Upload a photo for a tree with these fields:






Fetching images:

I haven't implemented it yet, but it wouldn't be hard to create URLs that use the CouchDB ID from PDXAPI instead of the city tree ID. If anyone would prefer that, let me know.


Possible APIs to implement in the future:

If you have any other ideas, please let me know!